Are You 3-5 Years From Retirement At Boeing?

Join our complimentary retirement webinar series exclusively for employee's of the Boeing Co.


Each monthly webinar provides a unique perspective to help Boeing employees navigate the emotional and intellectual process of planning for retirement.  


James S. Falcone
Co-Founder, Managing Director FWA

Jim Falcone, AIF, has 30 years of experience supporting Boeing employees in their retirement planning. In just 15 minutes, he can help you eliminate guesswork with VIP, preserve capital by reducing fees, and take advantage of our complimentary planning services exclusively for Boeing employees (past and current).


Fulcrum Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisory dedicated to helping Boeing families grow their wealth and preserve their family legacy. We are able to offer investment planning suggestions whether the investments are kept in VIP or moved to an RIA. Our independent status allows us to offer a suite of capabilities and objective advice with no predisposition to the outcome. Our service system is built to add value whether we manage your investments or not. 

What you'll get

Eliminate Guess Work

We have advised Boeing employees on how to make the most of their benefits for three decades, and can help you navigate VIP to get it working toward your specific goals.

Reduce Fees

We can help you protect your principle whether you keep your money at VIP or rollover to an IRA with low-cost software and quarterly tactical direction. 

Ongoing Support

In addition to our complimentary retirement plans, we provide planning webinars to help Boeing employees answer the 33 questions they need to decide on to have the ultimate retirement plan.

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